Monday, October 31, 2011

Apple Will Leave Google Maps In The Dust

Apple acquired C3 Technologies recently for $240 million, a Swedish technology that uses quasi-artificial intelligence to create incredible 3-dimensional maps.  What you see in this video demo below, blows away Google Maps.  I would not say this is Google on steroids just as Siri is not Google's voice technology on steroids.  Expect this new technology to be an incredible leap into the future. 

Back in February 2010, I wrote about Siri the Personal Assistant App on this very Blog. Three months later, Apple acquired the company and the rest is history as they say. Everyone's heard about Siri by now.  So, with C3 Technologies I expect a similar revolution to take place on the iOS platform, integrating this technology completely into iOS 6 perhaps and thus booting out Google Maps from its dominant position. With Siri commands and C3 spatial technology, well that's light years ahead of Google Maps. We'll see the world in a whole new light. 

You can bet that this acquisition was a result of the brilliant vision of the late and great Steve Jobs, who continues to affect our lives for some time to come.

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