Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Microsoft launches BizSpark - free software for start-ups

BizSpark is an effort aimed to provide startup software companies with access to current, full-featured versions of Microsoft tools with no upfront costs and minimal requirements. What a great offer in tough economic times! Free 3 year program It’s a way of cutting through the funding crisis and helping seed new business. As long as the business is less than three years old and $1m in annual revenues, it qualifies. BizSpark is a three year program which gives start-ups sufficient time to build a foundation for future growth and potentially save up to $10,000. Upon leaving the program or surpassing the revenue limit, the start-up pays Microsoft a $100 fee and transitions into a normal licensing agreement. Start-ups also get the chance to list for free in the online directory of start-ups ( Strategic move by Microsoft On the other side of the coin, this is a good strategic move for Microsoft in response to Google pitching its hosted Apps offering. Where there are many choices and competing platforms for start-ups, this is a necessary move for Microsoft to stay in the game. To launch BizSpark, Microsoft has partnered with a number of investment and development groups, including the National Venture Capital Association, the European Business Angel Network, Indus Entrepreneurs and various economic development agencies globally.
How refreshing to see the free markets operating in an economic crisis without any government intervention!
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