Thursday, November 18, 2010

Slide-out Keyboard For Your iPhone?

Ever wished you could have a slide-out keyboard for your smartphone but were not attracted to the Android platform? Well now there is a solution for Apple iPhone fans who just don't like the virtual keyboard. To be really productive when typing text whether an email or accessing Twitter or Facebook, it can be really slow without a real keyboard. (As for women with nails, it's nearly impossible to type accurately on a virtual keyboard.)

The KeyBoard Buddy iPhone Case clips onto your iPhone and connects via Bluetooth. It sells for $69.99 The low-profile keyboard slides out smoothly allowing you to easily transition between the Apple iPhone 4’s touch screen and a physical keyboard.  It is conveniently designed to provide quick access to all of the iPhone 4's controls such as the camera at the back and the ports and it comes with a USB cable for charging.  

While other bluetooth solutions have existed for some time, like the foldable wireless keyboard, nothing is quite as portable and convenient as a slide-out keyboard attached to your iPhone.  All in all a great solution for an already super smartphone. Now if only Apple would take note and provide an iPhone with this option already built-in?


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Nate with Dish Network. I can’t wait to get the slide out keyboard for the iPhone is really cool. I am on face book a lot so this will defiantly make it easier on me. I have a Sling adapter connected to my 722 DVR with DISH now I can get DISH remote access to download to my iPhone. As a DISH employee I can tell you that this is free app and works on a number of mobile devices. Check this out at to learn more.

Audrey Peters on February 9, 2011 at 10:54 AM said...

Thank you for your comment. DirecTV also has a cool App. In fact I prefer programming my DVR right from my iPhone because the APP is much nicer than the on-screen DVR programming interface.

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