Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cyber Monday - Internet Shopping Beats Bricks and Mortar

Cyber Monday beat Black Friday sales, meaning online retail is winning over in-store purchases. Dow Jones and Comscore predict this holiday season may exceed $900 Million in sales, making it the biggest day for online retailers ever! Sales rose 14% this year over last and the actual orders were about 30% more items. A truly good sign that the economy may just be improving slightly.

Is it convenience or better deals?

It is likely that people have less to spend (with all the cuts in salaries), and are therefore looking for the best deals with a few quick clicks rather than feet on the street. With taxes so high in most States, it's another incentive to shop from the biggest online retailer, and Overstock. But convenience does play an important factor when you consider that a significant amount of people are currently doing two to three jobs. has seen increased traffic and provides an easy way to find the lowest prices on most items.

What motivates you to shop online?


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