Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smartphones Will Outsell PC's

According to analyst projections, within two to three years Smartphones will outsell PC's.  Another study by GetJar corroborates this with findings that predict downloads of mobile apps to handsets will leap from slightly more than 7 billion in 2009 to nearly 50 billion in 2012, representing a year on year growth of 92%.

The way we are connecting to the Internet is changing and what we are doing is changing too.  Social networks and blogging have fueled the need to be connected at all times.  Additionally, the functionality of smartphones such as the Palm Pre and iPhone, have enabled a sophisticated and yet friendly interface that has encouraged the user to stay connected.  The power of the processors inside smartphones is increasing rapidly, allowing them to run increasingly complex applications. At the same time, the speeds of the data networks they connect to are increasing as well, allowing the devices to more easily access powerful applications stored in the cloud.

WIth prices falling (almost monthly) and subscription packages too, there is little reason not to purchase one of these phones or even get one for almost free.  


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