Sunday, March 7, 2010

Social Media Hits Smartphone Usage And Palm Pre

Social networks such as Facebook are becoming the core application that people use to connect and stay in touch with their friends and family, so it is not surprising that the smartphone is becoming the key access tool. People are not waiting to go home to update or comment!  The Palm Pre has a new upgraded Facebook App just released which makes it so much easier to connect with your groups while out and about.

More than 25 million Facebook users accessed the site via a mobile browser.  Twitter has also seen tremendous growth and attracted 4.7 million users via mobile in January 2010.  Comscore found that more than 10% of those using a mobile browser are connecting to a social network, which is a 112% growth from a year ago.  Similarly, Twitter experienced a 347% jump.

As more smartphones replace basic cell phone sales, this trend is likely to increase.  Currently, only about 17% of mobile users have a smartphone, but as prices continue to drop so will the penetration of smartphone sales.  

Verizon just dropped its price for the Palm Pre Plus, deducting the mail in rebate promotion at purchase and bringing the price down to $99.  Shop at Amazon direct and you can get this phone for $69.99 for Verizon customers and only $39.99 for new customers.  
Facebook on Palm Pre


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