Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apple iPhone Catches Up With Palm Pre Or Does It?

A new and  major update for the Apple iPhone is about to be launched.  One of the major improvements is the ability to multi-task i.e have applications running in the background.  Navigational changes are rumored too, for example, zooming in and out wherever you are and not just for the Internet.  Well that's merely catching up with the Palm Pre!

More important than the feature updates is the change to the monthly unlimited plan that no one is yet talking about.  At last, AT&T is dropping the price by $30 a month to $99.  It has been way too expensive for too long.  Perhaps AT&T's monopoly on the iPhone is soon to disappear?  Isn't it interesting that this $99 plan now matches Sprint and, Verizon is also  launching the Palm Pre and Pixi at a $99 unlimited package.

And who says competition doesn't work?  
I'll be as bold as to predict that Sprint will soon retaliate with a price reduction.  Watch this space!  The reasons to still have a landline are disappearing fast


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