Monday, January 18, 2010

AT&T Pays Charities To Rail Against Net Neutrality?

The FCC has received more than 13,000 responses on this issues. Many of these groups receive donations from AT&T. Is this just another form of lobbying?

The NextWeb says:
"These groups have spent absolutely zero time thinking about Net Neutrality, so their input is purely what AT&T wanted them to say. I can assure you that Big Brothers/Big Sisters doesn’t actually believe that Net Neutrality will interfere with the “competitive marketplace” in which ISPs operate (fun fact: there is practically zero competition in the ISP market; unless you’re some sort of crazed activist, you’ll pay for whichever is fastest in your area)."

But what is Net Neutrality?

Quite simply, it is the issue of data transmitted over broadband networks. The cable and phone companies would love to charge you tiered rates based on content. So if you want to watch videos, 'they' want to charge you more for the bandwidth you use. Telecomms companies argue they build out the network and so from their point of view, they desire to recoup their costs. Net Neutrality supporters say that regulations is needed to insure data moves around freely.

You decide!


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