Monday, January 25, 2010

Social Media - Most Popular Activity Online

Neilsen's latest survey shows global consumers spent over five and a half hours on social networks in December, up 82% from the same time last year. Compared to a year ago, people were spending only about three hours.  Not surprising therefore, social network sites saw a related increase in traffic with Facebook leading the pack.  Facebook experienced 209 Million unique users and the site now attracts 67% of the online audience worldwide.  Staggering!  

What are the implications?
1. if you are a business, you had better figure out a way to be part of this social media revolution and how to bring your brand online.  Hire a consultant unless you are an expert - learn from them  before jumping in and making huge mistakes.  It requires a strategy and guidance from a professional. 
2. Content publishers should be worried as this is a definite shift in mind share.  Facebook has a built in Newsfeed that can be utilized by anyone with anything to say and it's searchable by Google. 

Another very interesting revelation by Neilsen's survey is the decline in Linkedin.  Personally, I have never really liked the site which has tried to evolve into more group discussions fostering social networking.  With such momentum on Facebook, why bother with Linkedin?  But that's a whole other discussion.

What's your viewpoint?


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