Tuesday, April 20, 2010

E-Readers Will Help Magazine Publishers

A study by Mediamark Research and Intelligence shows that owners of e-readers (including the Apple iPad)  are big fans of magazines.  In fact 91 percent of them read magazines and they read about 13 issues a month.   This suggests that publications may have new life in terms of revenue generation, as long as the subscriptions are not exorbitant.

Time Magazine released its weekly publication for the iPad, but at a price of $4.99 an edition.  If publishers want to succeed on this new platform and recapture the diminishing print revenues, they need to price digital versions of their publications at more realistic and enticing levels,  or at least offer discounts to monthly subscribers.  The iPad has presented a wonderful opportunity for traditional newspapers to stage a come back with digital subscriptions.  The question is: can they respond to this new marketing opportunity?


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