Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kindle Struggles Against Apple iPad

Apple has struck a big blow to Amazon Kindle sales causing Amazon to now scramble just to catch-up. Rumor has it that Amazon is looking to distribute the Kindle through bricks and mortar stores, specifically a deal with Target stores. While the iPad is more than an e-reader, Apple will be pushing books through iBooks.

Then there are the hardware manufacturers such as HP and Dell, all scrambling to release an entrant into this space since the iPad has effectively killed the netbook. Why bother with a netbook when you can get an iPad for may be $150 more and have a much better experience? And why bother with a device from HP (the Slate) that will only give you about half the battery life of an iPad largely due to the 'clunkiness' of Windows 7 and no wi-fi?

For all those nay sayers out there, Apple has set a new milestone again with the iPad. BestBuy was sold out on the day of the launch - 300,000 units and Apple is purported to have sold 450,000 units over the last few days. Users have downloaded 600,000 books and 3.5 million iPad Apps since April 3rd. 

And this is just the beginning!


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