Thursday, May 6, 2010

Geolocation Smartphone Apps Help Real Estate Sales

With GPS as standard on smartphones these days, it makes a lot of sense for househunters to be able to tap into this technology when searching for property in their neighborhood.  It's also a very efficient way for realtors to market property directly to their clients and find new clients who just happen to be in the neighborhood. 

Lets exclude the basic navigational advantages for a moment and look at something far more sophisticated.  Imagine you are going about your daily errands in your neighborhood and an alert pops up with a property to view within a few blocks of where you are.  This is called "geo-fencing" or  a predetermined block area as part of the specifications you will have given to your realtor, as your area of interest.  Within minutes, you have been notified of the property and arranged a viewing with your realtor.  This combination of geo-fencing, GPS and mobile marketing is a great tool for both home buyers and realtors who might otherwise have missed an opportunity.  

While MLS (multiple listings) have been available from Redfin and Zillow for some time, Smarter Agent has been specifically designed for viewing on a smartphone, incorporating GPS location with other search facilities to help buyers find just the right property in their desired neighborhood.    Agents and brokers can create their own Branded application for as little as $49 a month subscription.  Smarter Agent is compatible with all smartphones including, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Palm, Samsung, Nokia, LG and more.  


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