Friday, May 14, 2010

Location Based GPS Apps from CellFlare

CellFlare's mobile App for smartphones uses the GPS system to not only give you your location, but to link you to your friends while you are on the move, in real-time.  The App was previously available for Blackberry, iPhone and Palm but today, Cellflare has released the Android version. 

One of the unique features is 'Friends on the Map", a feature that allows you to email or SMS your contact and location to your friends. Users are able to follow and track all of their friends from their mobile devices using a photo or avatar of their contacts, their position and average speed in real-time.  A useful feature for friends to 'Meet-up".  

Location based Apps are likely to become mainstream.  Facebook is rolling out its location based features to 400 million plus users shortly, but only 7 percent of Americans are aware of location-based social network (according to Edison Research).  This is because not everyone yet has a smartphone. When you look at the iPhone market for example, this figure jumps to 63 percent.  

Geo-location Apps bring huge marketing opportunities for business targeting potential customers in their area.  Consumers do have control over their privacy by being able to opt-out.  However, the upside for a customer is many fold, from receiving relevant coupon codes to their shopping habits, to finding exactly what they want in their immediate location, thus saving them time and money.  


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