Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Business Is Not Using Social Media Wisely

A recent study by Wildfire (a research company) in the UK, looking at the social media activities of the 50 fastest growing tech companies, found that while over 90% of the companies had a presence on two or more social networks, only a small minority were actually using social media to be 'social'.  About 74% of the companies in this survey had an official Twitter account, but less than half actually ever responded to a single tweet.  These companies appear to be using Twitter to distribute press releases, or one-way marketing.  A major opportunity is being missed.  The power of the social media platform enables a company to engage in socializing to build brands, awareness, develop customer relations, conduct valuable research and generally market their products.  

Companies are embarking on acknowledging social media such as Twitter, but essentially they are ill-equipped in the method of socializing or using the media as a conversation tool.  Until they do, the results of their efforts will be minimal.  You can learn  more about how to use this tool by reading: Social Media Marketing For Small Business which is available for iPad or Kindle or,  click here for a consultation.


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