Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Video Call App On The Android Market

The next big app for the smartphone is likely to be video calling. Fring is a mobile internet community using a real time dynamic address book - whether your friends are on Skype, Twitter, MSN, yahoo, google, doesn't matter; you can connect them onto a call. And it doesn't matter where they are connected from mobile, laptop or PC. Fring release the first video app for Android smartphones.  You can now stay connected to friends in a mobile social network, on the go. 

While Fring is not true video conferencing, it offers a pretty cool app for the front-facing video call. Clearly, the next generation of smartphones may well have cameras that can be flipped to point to your face, on the front screen, enabling two-way video conferencing. But Fring decided not to wait for the technology to catch up, and releasee its video calling app for Android now, which means you do have to turn the phone back and forth at the present time. If you want at least some video capability, then Fring is the only choice since Skype video app for Android will not be available until later this year and it is not likely to be free. 

So when you are on the go, you can still contact all your buddies at the same time and do video calling. It's particularly useful if you are overseas because it can save you big bucks by using a wi-fi connection to stay connected with contacts back home. And it's all for free!


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