Friday, June 4, 2010

Geolocation Targeted Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile marketing is probably the most exciting and yet under utilized marketing tool for business today. A recent Omniture study shows that 78 percent of companies surveyed are not using mobile marketing. Of the 22 percent in the study who are using mobile marketing, here is the breakdown:
- 63.4% – Web sites
- 56.3% – Text messaging
- 52.1% – Applications
- 39.4% – Email

Clearly, making your website more mobile phone friendly is the first step towards implementing a mobile marketing strategy. But using text messaging promotions can be highly targeted (to location), low cost and easily measurable.

The mere fact that consumers can respond to the latest mobile technology Ads (through banner Ads or text messaging), is a great way to pre-qualify your leads. Consider also, that there are 3 billion potential cell phone customers globally (200 million in the U.S. alone), and about 80% of cell phone users do not turn their devices off.   95 percent of those receiving a text message, read it in a few minutes.  This indeed is a very powerful marketing medium.  When combined with geo-location capability, a business can direct Ads, coupons or messages directly to the consumer at the right time.   Tailor the text message to what cell phone users are doing and thus you create a managed mobile marketing campaign, that you can easily measure.

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