Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How Small Business Owners Can Utilize Twitter

Twitter really works as a traffic driving tool for the small business retailer such as a restaurant or hair salon.    Birds Barber Shop is a small hairdressing salon in Austin,  Texas and has successfully used Twitter to promote itself, especially in a down time or down day.  It has 1,861 followers on Twitter and growing.  The key to successfully using Twitter is not just merely posting 140 character about who is in your store or what may be happening.  That is insignificant claptrap!  What you need to do is run a promotion for the day.  Birds Barbershop used a slow day to post a three hours promotion, 25% rain discount.  They immediately got a lot of response and what would have been a bad business day was turned around in just a few minutes.  

As a small business owner,  you need to think about each day; whether you will run a daily promotion or just use Twitter to create traffic for your store on slow business days or even slow business hours that occur regularly.  It only takes a little bit of imagination and a smartphone access to Twitter.  Experiment and have fun!  

For more advice on social media, read Social Media Marketing For Small Business by the Author of this Blog.  Also available in the iBook store for the iPad and iPhone.  


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