Wednesday, June 9, 2010

iPhone Takes Video Apps, Geolocation Into The Future

Much of the buzz around the announcement of the iPhone 4 seemed to miss the significance of the Video Conferencing App. For decades, we have been talking about it and seeing it in the movies. Well, the iPhone broke new ground with the first smartphone with two cameras, thus enabling video calling.

But what exactly is a geolocation video app?

Firstly, it would have to include a geo-tag in the application and where it might be useful is when in a video chat situation, you might want to create a map of nearby friends to see where they are or, ping them when you know they are at their destination e.g. a store or cafe etc. That's nice from a social perspective, but how about in an emergency situation? Geolocation with video could be used to triangulate a disaster or crisis spot by using multiple video feeds from multiple angles; 3DModels could even be created from this. 

There are likely to be many more uses of this technology as we are only at the beginning.  Once again, Apple has changed the playing field and taken the standard up a notch.  This truly is the leading smartphone on the market, leaving the Palm Pre and Android playing catch up once again. 


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