Monday, July 19, 2010

3 Ways To Protect Your Android Smartphone

There are three simple ways to protect your Android smartphone from loss or just mislaying it around the house.
  1. The Android phone has a unique swipe, pattern to set up a security code, negating the need to remember yet another pass code.  You have to set this up via the menu, settings, location and security; then swipe your finger across the screen keys in a pattern.  This creates a unique code.  The more you vary your swipe, the more secure it is and it's certainly more difficult to crack than a mere digit passcode.  However, you need to remember that swipe pattern to unlock your phone.
  2. Where's My Droid is a free app that you're likely to use frequently around the house or office.  How many times have you wondered where you put the phone?  Where's My Droid allows you to set up a special passcode or phrase which you can text to your phone from any other device and it will set off a loud alarm.  The alarm will override any volume setting on the phone, even if you had previously set it to vibrate.  
  3. GPS Location Security is provided by an app called Mobile Defense, which is currently free to download.  It's a real-time tracking, remote locking app that will show you exactly where you left your smartphone.  If you've really lost your phone or left it in a public place, this app uses GPS to locate it and set off an alarm on the phone itself, lock it, unlock it or even wipe off the data remotely.  Once you've downloaded the app and registered online, you will need web access to activate your instructions.  
    With so much data and personal information on our smartphones these days, security is essential and with a few easy steps your Android phone can be kept secure at all times.  


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