Friday, July 2, 2010

Domino's Pizza Canada Debuts on Palm And Android Smartphones

Domino's Pizza mobile App for Palm and Android smartphones has been released by CellFlare Inc. in Canada.  It's a free download that is sure to become a regularly used App if you eat Pizza or if you lead a busy life.  

You can find the nearest Domino's store by either a GPS button or by typing in an address.  It's that simple!  Almost instantly you will receive turn by turn directions.  Customers can choose to call the number if they wish to place their order - so that cuts down on waiting time.  

Geo-location and custom developed Apps is Cellflare's business.  But it's more than just simple geo-location technology. Cellflare's technology is sophisticated, enabling business owners to push opt-in content to a Custom App to users within a pre-designated distance of the business location.  Push content includes coupons, rewards, menus or any other information, resulting in a more rewarding experience for the customer.  Being able to locate and pre-order for pick-up, and get turn by turn directions, is a real benefit to a customer trying to managing a busy daily schedule. Mother's juggling schedules and picking up their kids to and from games for example, are likely to see the immediate benefits of having this App on their Palm or Android Phone.  Those coming home from the office after a hectic day are also likely to appreciate the convenience of this App. For Domino's, this application helps build customer loyalty. 

In the southern Ontario area, each mobile download application will also come with a coupon of $4 against your next purchase as part this exclusive launch.    


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