Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How A Luxury Hotel Uses Social Media Marketing

The Joie de Vivre Hotel company has 33 luxury hotels in California.  With the economy hitting hard, such operations have seen their marketing budgets decimated.  Social media has plugged that gap by providing an inexpensive way to drive sales and brand loyalty.  The Joie de Vivre now has almost 10,000 followers on Twitter and over 5,000 Facebook fans.  It uses these social media platforms to push special offers and coupons on Tuesday's, for example a Twitter promotional code for $79 a room at the San Francisco Galleria Park Hotel, (one of the Groups hotels).  

Since the program started late in 2009, the Joie de Vivre has booked over 1000 room nights through these deals.  And now the hotel is extending coupons and promotions to restaurants nearby through select partners.  Another great idea is the use of YouTube videos and competitions, which I discuss in my book, Social Media Marketing For Small Business (also on iPad at iBook store).  Joie de Vivre ran a competition, The Road Trippin' California Contest, asking people to submit videos to YouTube on why they love California.  There were 270 videos and 3 winners received an all expense paid California road trip with stays at the group's various hotels.  

This is an example of how to create an inexpensive, engaging promotion that actually does increase sales and brand loyalty.  Imagine how much this program would have cost using conventional marketing advertising techniques.  It's time to start getting creative and launch your own program whether you are a local trader or a larger operation. For a step-by-step guide click here.  And then come back and tell us your story right here or email me.  (Or if you'd like specific help with a program, email me at 


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