Sunday, July 18, 2010

How A Local Business Can Amass Followers On Twitter

A local consumer business in San Francisco was able to very quickly amass 12,000 followers on Twitter, negating the need for a company website.  The Creme Brulee Cart has become a food favorite among San Franciscans, traveling from neighborhood to neighborhood, selling $3 creme brulee's, blow torched in front of your eyes.   The business owner has found Twitter as a great way to promote his business daily, by Tweeting where he is going to be that day and what the flavor of the day will be.  

Twitter enables this business owner to promote his mobile business as well as interact with his loyal customers who often post their suggestions.  The Creme Brulee Man also asks where the best place is to park in the neighborhood, making it a two way communication with his fans.  Yeah, it might be a street cart business, but the Creme Brulee Man is doing nicely and all without a marketing budget.

As a small business owner you should be thinking about building a Twitter presence and driving business by announcing frequent special offers.  Remember that even if you don't announce a new promotion daily, you still need to engage with your customers by just spending a few minutes a day answering questions or even asking and probing for new ideas.  For a step by step guide, read Social Media Marketing For Small Business, available to download, purchase from Amazon or the iBook store.  


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