Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 3 Location Based Mobile Apps

A new study by Harris Interactive shows that the younger demographic are more interested in receiving mobile offers on their smartphone.  In fact 42 percent of users between the ages of 18 and 34 express some level of interest in mobile offers. Among this group the most popular categories are:
- 68 percent say they would like to receive discounts on groceries, 
- 64 percent would like promotions and offers from restaurants, (while another 50 percent are interested in promotions related to fast food), 
- 58 percent would like alerts on entertainment such as movie tickets.

Between men and women, there's also an interesting difference.  Women are more interested in mobile offers to do with groceries and apparel, while men are more interested in electronics and sporting goods.  

If you are a small business you would do well to implement inexpensive mobile marketing campaigns, especially since smartphones like the iPhone and Android become more prevalent from here on.  As CNN reports, there seems to be a shortage of smartphones with customers leaving stores empty handed, or having to wait three weeks for the iPhone 4.  Now is the time to start planning your online marketing campaign.  To get started with your social media campaign click here.


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