Monday, July 12, 2010

Google Android Helps You Find A Parking Spot

No matter what city you are living in, finding a parking spot can be a real frustration and time waster.  Well, not anymore and not if you have a Google Android phone.  Google has released a nifty App that just about every driver is going to want and need.    It's called Open Spot and it basically works by letting people who are leaving a parking spot share their spots with people that are searching.  You mark the parking space you are leaving as vacant by tapping the Mark a Spot button. Google's servers then store and display this open spot to all Open Spot users for up to 20 minutes.  

Open Spot uses the GPS positioning function present in most smartphones to track your location, displaying the surrounding area using Google Maps. But the usefulness of this App can only work if there are enough people participating, otherwise you could be staring at a blank screen.  It's currently available in the U.S. and Canada and it's free to download. 

Great idea once it gains momentum.  Smartphones with geo-location capabilities have really become an integral part of our lives.  You can't leave home without one!


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