Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yahoo! Dialing Into Android Platform

Yahoo has somewhat been late to the smartphone game (better late than never), and has just launched Messenger and Mail apps for Android. so that Yahoo! users can keep all their friends, messages and contacts easily to hand. When we think of mobile or smartphone apps, Yahoo! doesn't easily come to mind however, around 41 million users a month access Yahoo on mobile phones, which is a significant user base for the Android platform. 

There are now a trio of new Yahoo! apps available in the Android Market: a Yahoo! Mail app, Yahoo! Messenger app and a Yahoo! Search widget. Each of these apps have been built specifically for the Android platform and therefore optimized for the Droid, Incredible and Google Nexus One. The mail app for example inlcudes the ability to send emails from the native address book, and upload photos and attachments directly from the camera or gallery. Other features include:  attachment viewing capabilities, emoticons, search by sender, recipient, subject and keywords, folder management and spam tools as well as multi-tasking support. The search widget brings search to the home-screen and makes searching quick with intelligent suggestions and recommendations, as well as voice search capabilities. 

The new Messenger app connects you to friends in real-time and will run in the background. One of the useful aspects of this is that you can send text messages as part of you IM. But only countries that support SMS will get this feature such as US, Canada and parts of Asia.  Yahoo! Messenger incorporates the latest HTML5 features and boasts a more visual interface that takes advantage of Google's mobile operating system. 

You can download all this for free on your Android phone and it provides users an alternative to the Google cloud.  


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