Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All You Can Eat Music For Android And iPhone

MOG has just launched a streaming music service for Android and iPhones for just $10 a month. The subscription gives you access to 8 million songs over 3G or Wi-Fi and allows you to store as many songs as you like for offline playback. You can search by artist, song or playlist and even create your own custom channels like within Pandora. But unlike other services, you can see the queue ahead - not just a single song title ahead.  On an Android phone, you can listen to music from MOG while handling other tasks however, multitasking within the iPhone is coming in a few weeks (specifically for MOG). There's also a social network element: you can share lists with your friends or other MOG users.  

This is one of those must have apps for anyone who loves music. And you don't have to worry about the data limits on the AT&T network because you can simply download on a Wi-Fi network before you hit the road or the airport. The limit is only what your smartphone can handle. It will stay there until you decide to delete it. That's what makes this radio/music app so compelling. 


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